Small Estate Planning

Everyone needs Estate Planning, even when assets and property holdings are minimal. If you own just a little property or only have minimal assets, it still is essential to have certain Small Estate Planning documents created by an experienced Texas attorney. Since 1997, Attorney Micah Haden has helped people from the Corsicana, TX, region decide how best to plan ahead for their future estate and financial management needs.

When you create a Will, Powers of Attorney and a Medical Directive, you ensure that your wishes will be respected after death or in the event you are incapacitated for any length of time. Without these few documents, the Probate Court takes charge and will appoint an executor for your estate. Duties of estate administration, financial management and your medical care will be in the hands of strangers who have no idea what your wishes are or how you want assets distributed.

Estate Planning Attorney Micah Haden

Micah Haden can assist you in your Small Estate Planning needs by preparing simple wills, Powers of Attorney, Medical Powers of Attorney, and Directive to Physicians. With these documents properly executed, filed and ready for use, you get peace of mind knowing that everything you worked so hard for will be handled according to your wishes. This is the best way to care for your family and to avoid any family squabbles about your finances, property or assets.

Attorney Micah Haden

An accomplished and seasoned Small Estate Planning Attorney, Micah Haden has been serving Texans since graduation from Texas Tech University School of Law, in 1997. After he received his Doctor of Jurisprudence/Juris Doctor (J.D.), Micah Haden devoted his law firm to Family Law, Divorce & Separation, Litigation, Criminal Defense and Probate matters. He is committed to excellence and honesty; he is always ready to help you understand the legal processes you must deal with in Texas.

Texas Small Estate Planning Lawyer

Additionally, Micah Haden can assist you in the probate of a will or an administration of an estate. Many people find they must go to Probate Court for various estate matters. When you have an experienced Texas Small Estate Planning Lawyer representing you, things move along faster and more economically, plus you know your best interests are being upheld at all times.

Estate Planning is for everyone, no matter how old you are or how large or small your estate may be. Learn more about these important legal matters at the Law Office of Micah C. Haden, in Corsicana, TX. Call us now, at: (903) 229-4763.

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