Whatever the nature of your legal issue, dealing with it causes stress. Parties on each side dig in their heels to prove they are right. Emotions are on edge and finding a middle ground for resolution is often impossible or very difficult. Mediation is a way of solving legal issues in a less confrontational way and, if successful, can avoid lengthy and contentious proceedings in the courtroom.

The Law Office of Micah C. Haden — Mediation Services

Micah Haden serves as a mediator for Navarro, Ellis, Freestone, Limestone, Henderson and Hill county cases. Micah Haden has completed both the 40 hour general mediation training for a mediator as well as the 40 hour family law mediation training.  He regularly appointed as a mediator by all the courts of Navarro county.

As an attorney, he has been guiding his clients through the mediation process for more than a decade. He has seen first-hand how the process benefits those, such as divorcing parents, who have to continue having contact with each other even after the legal process is completed. When they are able to come to their own resolutions, they are more likely to comply with the terms than when the terms are imposed upon them by court orders. In addition to family law cases, Micah C. Haden has successfully mediated business disputes, personal injury cases and various other civil litigation cases.

How mediation works

The mediator is a neutral party either appointed by the court or mutually agreed to by the parties to mediate the case.  The role of a mediator is to help the parties define their issues and guide the discussion towards mutual resolution. The involved parties and their attorneys meet with the mediator to discuss the process after which the parties and their respective attorney’s will divide into separate rooms to begin one-on-one discussions with the mediator.  The mediator will alternate between the parties in an effort to help each party analyse the risks involved in their case proceeding to trial, suggest alternate resolutions and discuss pros and cons of various approaches. Mediators do not provide legal advice and do not decide cases. The mediator’s job is to assist the parties in reaching a settlement agreement.

The process is confidential and if an agreement is reached, it is binding on the parties. Mediators do not provide written reports and if mediation is not successful, except for narrow limited circumstances, mediators cannot be called as witnesses at a later court proceeding.

Benefits of mediation

The benefits of resolving disagreements through mediation without court intervention has many benefits such as:

  • Fewer court appearances and avoidance of protracted litigation makes it less expensive.
  • It is usually faster than going through the cumbersome court process.
  • Because the focus is on resolving issues amicably and with respect, there is less stress.
  • Future litigation is generally avoided. Since the parties have formed their own agreements, they are more likely to be as satisfied as possible with the outcome.

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